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the kI star club

Since we started in September 2021, course participants have started and are still growing over 90 food circles in Windhoek’s informal settlements. Our team monitors all food circles and  provides consultancy, seeds, seedlings, compost and more if needed. Participants who have grown their food circle for over 1 year become members of the ‘star club’ and are invited to training and events on a regular basis.

how to grow a food circle

We run 2-day workshops on how to grow a food circle. Dig a hole, pile up the soil around it and level it. Use your grey water to water your plants and to produce your own compost. It is important that you grow different plants in the bed – not only spinach! The trees you plant will take longer to provide you with food but they are much more resilient than vegetables.

get to know farmer's friends

In our garden, we can see many insects. And often it is difficult to know if they are our friends or if they are destroying our food. In our ‘Plants & Pests’ course we look at different insects, learn to identify them and mix natural potions for pest control.